Wednesday, July 16, 2008

1:50 Scale Model of Jerusalem at 2nd Temple Period (AD 70)

Constructed between 1964-1967, the Holyland Second Temple Model offers a glimpse at Jerusalem before its destruction by the Romans in 66 AD. This modern Jerusalem cultural landmark, built to a 1:50 scale, depicts the Second Temple and the surrounding Jerusalem cityscape of the period. The model was built by the late proprietor of the Holyland Hotel, Mr. Hans Kroch, with the guidance of the late Prof. Michael Avi Yonah of the Hebrew University. In the course of time, the Model has both been renovated and brought up to date archeologically.The entire complex is about the size of a tennis court ( This unique model is built with authentic construction materials - Jerusalem stone, Marmor, Steel all based upon historical material - the Mishna, the Gemara, Josephus Flavius' accounts, and more, all meticulously carried out. see also

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